Published - Wed, 14 Sep 2022

Road to Finale, "Team NUB", became first runner-up in the regional round of "BDApps National Hackathon 2022"

Road to Finale, "Team NUB", became first runner-up in the regional round of "BDApps National Hackathon 2022"

What a great achievement for us! 
Kudos to #TEAMNUB
Road to Finale, "Team NUB", became first runner-up in the regional round of "BDApps National Hackathon 2022".
bdapps National Hackathon 2022 is a platform to identify, launch and promote innovative and useful apps developed by our local developers. Participants can form teams of 2-4 to take part in this open innovation challenge to present and validate their App idea in front of industry experts. Winning teams will gain monetary support, invaluable insight, and tools required to turn their apps into a household name across the country and abroad.
We wish you success in the #NationalFinals Gala Round. We are very proud of each individual student and looking forward to seeing them shine further.
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Students and Faculties of the Department of CSE of NUB had an outstanding day out program on 22 Oct 2022 at Angana Resort some 50 miles north of Dhaka city. This was an awesomely planned and decorated function organized by the Computer Club of CSE Department. Around 700 students and Faculties were mesmerized by the enthralling day-long program. The program started with a 15 bus journey from the permanent campus at 8.40 am. After reaching the destination at around 10.30 am, several sports competitions were held. Faculties of the Department also participated in the competition and the whole environment became exceptionally colorful there in the midst of green nature. At noon, students enjoyed the wonderful lunch and devoured the food. The ultimate attraction of the day and cultural function was held afterward. Students and Faculties captivated the audience through their outstanding performances. Meanwhile, some wonderful drone photography was done. In the end, prizes and crests were given to the deserving ones. The honorable pro-vice-chancellor Professor Dr. Nazrul Islam was also present there and felt the joy. Nonetheless, respected Head Md. Raihan ul Masood Sir and Assistant Professor Muhammed Samsuddoha Alam Sir made the whole program a success. The program ended with a promise to further make it happen.#NUB#NUBCC#LoveNUB #LoveNUBCC#LoveNUBCSE

Thu, 27 Oct 2022

Happy Teacher's Day
Happy Teacher's Day
"Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is at the heart of the educational system." - Sidney HookOn behalf of all the students of NUB, NUBCC would like to wish all teachers and Faculty members of NUB a Happy World Teachers’ Day! Teachers are as important in our lives as our parents. Your knowledge, commitment, and kindness will guide us on the right road and always motivate us to become better people. No one puts in as much effort as a teacher does, yet it is one of the most under-appreciated professions in the world. NUBCC would like to extend a hand and invite all the students of NUB to raise awareness and acknowledge the selfless role of our teachers.We can understand the highest rank of teachers from the Quote of Ali (RA) in which He stated that:“If a person teaches me one single word, he has made me his servant for a lifetime.“

Wed, 05 Oct 2022

Admission Open at Permanent Campus for SPRING 2023
Admission Open at Permanent Campus for SPRING 2023
Dear future leaders,If you’re looking for a program that will prepare you to become an effective leader in addressing the challenges of our time, look no further. The programs at Northern University Bangladesh are your answers!Even if you admit your self in spring 2023 our Remedial Courses will start immediately.So hurry up and enroll yourself now.Admission Open at Permanent Campus for SPRING 2023Programs: CSE (Day program for HSC passed) & ECSE (Evening program for diploma holders)Admission Helpline: +8809678771674For Online admission visit: NUB at a Glance:Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) is a renowned name among the Universities of Bangladesh. It has passed 20 years with immense success and so has the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). This department is a place for fostering skilled professionals. Curriculum and mode of teaching are incorporated in such a way so that their graduates can have excellent career paths. They offer practical learning-based courses to develop professional skills and its curriculum is designed as per international standards.Their graduates have been remarkably successful by excelling both in Academics and Industry. Many graduates have pursued higher studies in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc with success and many are currently following in their footsteps. Those who wanted to pursue a career here in Bangladesh also met success in renowned institutions both run by Government and Private organizations. It has good collaboration with industries and has a good job placement record. Both the Faculty Members and students are highly motivated to conduct research and development projects and they are publishing papers on a regular basis.This department is quite a vibrant one as they always engage students with different activities. This includes both Academic and Non-academic ones. They offer many short courses and professional courses which are taught by experts from academia and industry. Senior students arrange workshops on different activities to voluntarily teach their juniors. CSE Day is organized every year to celebrate and demonstrate the department's progress. Many festivals and cultural programs are arranged on different occasions. Annual tours and many short tours are arranged not only to enjoy but also to fulfill the responsibility to the country and environment.The Department of CSE of NUB can be a suitable place for everyone who wants to pursue their goals in the domain of Computer Science and Engineering and thrive with excellence in this age of information and technology.???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????: ????????????????????????????????: ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????: ???????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ????????????????:Muhammed Samsuddoha Alam???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????, ????????????01676453189#NUB#NUBCC#LoveNUB #LoveNUBCC#LoveNUBCSE#admissionope#nub #nubians #education

Mon, 03 Oct 2022

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