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Welcome to Northern University Bangladesh Computer Club. It's the most prestigious and the biggest club of university.

Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) is a renowned name among the Universities of Bangladesh. It has passed 20 years with immense success and so has the department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). This department is a place for fostering skilled professionals. Curriculum and mode of teaching are incorporated in such a way so that their graduates can have excellent career paths. They offer practical learning-based courses to develop professional skills and its curriculum is designed as per international standards. Their graduates have been remarkably successful by excelling both in Academics and Industry. Many graduates have pursued higher studies in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. with success and many are currently following in their footsteps. Those who wanted to pursue a career here in Bangladesh also met success in renowned institutions both run by Government and Private organizations. It has good collaboration with industries and has a good job placement record. Both the Faculty Members and students are highly motivated to conduct research and development projects and they are publishing papers on a regular basis. This department is quite a vibrant one as they always engage students with different activities. This includes both Academic and Non-academic ones. They offer many short courses and professional courses which are taught by experts from academia and industry. Senior students arrange workshops on different activities to voluntarily teach their juniors. CSE Day is organized every year to celebrate and demonstrate the department's progress. Many festivals and cultural programs are arranged on different occasions. Annual tours and many short tours are arranged not only to enjoy but also to fulfill the responsibility to the country and environment. The Department of CSE of NUB can be a suitable place for everyone who wants to pursue their goals in the domain of Computer Science and Engineering and thrive with excellence in this age of information and technology.

In 2002, Northern University Bangladesh was established by International Business Agriculture & Technology (IBAT) Trust, a registered, non-political, non-profit voluntary organization, NUB made its foray into the field of higher education and established itself as a center for excellence. Presently Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) has 5 Faculties situated within the Dhaka Metropolitan city with its Permanent Campus near Haji camp at Ashkona, Dakshin Khan. NUB has affiliations & accreditations with international institutions in its effort to provide education that can provide students with all the tools needed to face the challenges in any chosen career from any specialized field & the global industry. NUB has been authorized to confer degrees and certificates in all branches of knowledge including Business, Arts & Humanities, Science and Engineering, Law, Pharmacy and Public Health within the levels that include Bachelors, Masters & is in the process of acquiring the level of M Phil & Ph.D. in collaboration with foreign universities.

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Hi, I'm Mamun Hasan Emon, Secretary Web Developer at Northern University Bangladesh Computer Club. I'm a professional Web Developer, Web Designer & App Develpoer since 2015. I have full of experience in php Development, Laravel, vue.js & Flutter.

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